Saddle Dees – Stainless Steel



Stainless steel saddle dee rings. Durable metal hardware for saddlery craft. Fitted to saddles and other products, they make good connection points for straps and tack items. The second photo shows an example of the stainless steel saddle in use (screws and dee clip available separately).

Stainless Steel is a strong metal that does not readily corrode, rust or stain with ordinary water. Its strength, durability and shiny grey-white appearance make it a popular choice.


Hardware sizes are intended to indicate the maximum strap size to be used. As a general rule, measurements are taken from inside-edge to inside-edge, on the side the strap would pass through.

Additional information


Stainless Steel


¾" (19mm) • ⅞" (22mm) • 1" (25mm)


4mm • 5mm


Bags • Collars • Girths / Cinches • Horse Rugs • Leather Accessories • Pet Equipment • Saddles




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