Chahin Alum Tanned Latigo Leather

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Super strong alum tanned latigo leather for latigo pull up straps, reins, leads and stock whips.
Chestnut Red latigo sides made from carefully selected cattle hides and tanned using a unique alum formula then drum dyed and hand finished with unique oils to give a supple yet strong feel, yet it will cut with ease. This leather has proved itself in the USA to be one of the strongest leathers of its type available, this leather is weather resistant as well, making it a very popular choice.

Note: This leather is supplied by the side. The size of each side can vary, so to give you the best value for money it is priced per square metre. The final cost of your leather order may vary according to the final size of the side/s which can be confirmed when the leather has been selected. This leather is rolled and packed into bags for delivery. Due to the size, delivery must be made via courier (it cannot be sent via post).

Additional information


Chestnut Red

Piece Size

2.3 square metres (approximate average)


Lacing • Latigo Straps • Leads • Reins • Strapping • Whips and Plaiting


2 – 2.2mm • 2.5 – 3mm • 3.5mm


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