Mustang Rayon Cinch Girth

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17 strand white rayon cord girth with nylon wrapped centre and crossed bars.
3″ flat buckles and 1″ centre dees.  4 sizes available. A straight shaped girth can be a good all-round girth shape suitable for a variety of horse riding styles and disciplines.

Cord girth /string girth: a traditional western style of girth. The strings that make up a cord girth can move and act independently of one another for better fit and saddle stability.  Space between the strands creates airflow, allowing sweat to dry.


Mustang's Rayon cord girths are fitted with stainless steel hardware. Rayon is an affordable manufactured fibre from natural sources.  Toowoomba Saddlery is now the exclusive wholesale distributor of these Mustang products for Australia and New Zealand.

What girth size do I need? Find out on the 'How to Measure' page .


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Stainless Steel


Rayon Cord


White / Brown


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What girth size do I need? Find out on the 'How to Measure...' page ►