Hermann Oak Job Leather

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Average price per piece (approx 2.3 m2) :


Use for strapping, repairs and saddles
Job leather is tanned the same way as first grade leather, still as strong an durable but may have some small defects such as colour disfiguration, open scars, machine damage, wire scratches etc…
As stocks of different types of job leather change all the time, please give us a call about what is available.

Note: This leather is supplied by the side. The size of each side can vary, so to give you the best value for money it is priced per square metre. The final cost of your leather order may vary according to the final size of the side/s which can be confirmed when the leather has been selected. This leather is rolled and packed into bags for delivery. Due to the size, delivery must be made via courier (it cannot be sent via post).

Additional information

Piece Size

2.3 square metres (approximate average)


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