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Chahin Leather

Alum Tanned Latigo • Harness • Bridle

Chahin Tannery is a family-owned business that was founded in 1932, Chahin tannery is known for their full grain vegetable tanned leather but they also produce alum and chrome tanned leather as well as rawhide.

The skills and knowledge that have been acquired over eight decades are part of their heritage and continue to be passed on to future generations. 

Chahin Leather strives to ensure each piece of leather that leaves the tannery meets their standards as well as yours. Consistent quality is important and they want to make sure your projects begin with the best materials possible so they can last a lifetime.

Their slow and time-honoured vegetable tanning process takes nearly 45 days and is what makes vegetable leather much different from leathers produced using other types of tannages.

Through the years, the machinery and technologies used may have changed but they still make their leather using the same artisanal process as in the beginning.

Scenes from the Chahin Tannery

Chahin Hide dehairing
Dehairing the hides
Chahin leather tanning pits
Chahin Tanning Pits
Chahin hides from the tanning pits
Removing hides from the pits
Chahin taking leather from the drum
Leather brought out of the drum
Chahin Leather Drums
Leather dye drums
Chahin leather toggling
Leather toggling
Chahin leather after machining
Finished Leather
Chahin Logo embossed in Leather
The Chahin Logo embossed in leather

If you haven’t tried Chahin Leather – Now is the Time !

Toowoomba Saddlery has been stocking select lines of Chahin leather in Australia for several years now and we have not looked back. See our range of Chahin leathers below. Not sure which leather is suitable for you? Contact us today.