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Welcome to our new website!

With 2018, we celebrate 50 years in business – what better time to treat our customers to a new and improved online experience. We hope this new website is easier to use, with features both stores, manufacturers and riders will find useful.

  • The new layout is mobile friendly, and we hope – more user friendly.
  • Many products will now contain photo galleries – check out our saddle pages to see an example.
  • Products that are available in different colours/sizes etc.. will now allow you to choose options from a dropdown menu.
  • Our new blog contains announcements and additional product information available at the click of a button. We hope this blog will become a valuable knowledge base helping you to decide which products will best suit your needs and show you how to use them. This is something we will continue to add to as time goes on.
  • Our distributors page will now contain a map of all Australian distributors as well as a state-by-state list of Distributors.

A quick guide to the new website:

Logging in

Desktop: Click the Dealer Login button top right. 

Mobile: Click the hamburger menu button (top right) and select the Login option. 

In the login form that appears, type your username/customer code or your email address (either will work).
Then your password. 

Forgotten your password? Click ‘Forgot Password’ and a password reset email will be sent to you. 

For security reasons, if you incorrectly enter your login details too many times you will be locked out temporarily. If this happens, please try again later.
For assistance logging in, please contact us. 

The ‘Remember Me’ button  -Normally, you are automatically logged off when you exit the website.
When ‘Remember Me’ is ticked, you remain logged on for 2 weeks unless you log off or clear your browser cache.

Saving your login details

Most browsers feature a password manager allowing you to store credentials for repeated use.  We’ve listed methods for the most common browsers below.  (For help with your specific browser, use your browser’s Help functions)

Chrome: Enable in : menu>settings > Autofill – Passwords.
Locate and click the key symbol (top right of the url bar) and follow the prompts.

Safari: Enable in Preferences>Auto-fill. On mobile Safari the ‘passwords’ shortcut should appear when you access the login page.

Microsoft Edge: Enable  in the *** menu>Settings>Profiles/Passwords.
When enabled, it should offer to save passwords.

How to find products:

Option 1: type the product into the search box and press enter, select a product from the results.
Option 2: Access the menu and navigate the categories to find your product.
Option 3: Search by brand: Access the ‘Brands’ page, select a brand and it will display a list of products under that brand.

How to order products online:

You must be logged in to order products.
Add products to your cart
Navigate to a product,  If applicable – select the appropriate options (e.g. size) and enter a qty.
Click ‘add to cart’ button – repeat for all products you need to order.
Dealers can also add products through the quick order form found in their ‘My Account’ page.

View your cart: Click the cart information in the header (top-right of webpage).
Review the products ordered, adjust quantities. Click the ‘Finalise order’ button to proceed to the checkout.

Checkout: Review/edit your billing and shipping details. If collecting please specify a collection date/time in the order comments box.
Tick the ‘I agree to terms and conditions box’ and click the ‘Place order’ button. Done.

If you need to contact Toowoomba Saddlery regarding your order, please use your customer code/username as reference.

Saving your shopping cart/basket:

Your shopping cart is saved by your web browser, not the website. Toowoomba Saddlery cannot see your cart contents until it is converted to an order upon checkout.  Your cart will remain saved for up to 2 weeks (depending on your browser settings). If you clear your browser cache, your cart will also be cleared.

Reviewing products

Riders and stores can now review products in our website and share their experience with Toowoomba Saddlery products.
You do not need to be logged in to review a product, only to provide a contact email. Reviews are subject to moderation and will be displayed once approved.

We value your feedback. If you have any comments or questions regarding our new website please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help.