Nordale Contact Adhesive

A multipurpose adhesive, for strong, permanent contact bonds.



Glue / adhesive used in saddlery, but suitable for many purposes. It can make strong, permanent contact bonds between the following materials:
• Rigid PVC sheet • Polyurethane foams of the polyester and polyether types
• Supported PVC leather cloth • Leather • Polyester glass fibre • Rubber sheet and extrusions;
…all of which may be bonded to each other or to hardboard, chipboard, wood, painted or unpainted metal.
Rigid laminated plastics such as formica, melamine etc. may also be fixed with this adhesive.

To use: Apply to both materials to be attached. Allow to become tacky, then press both materials firmly together and allow to dry.
Some materials may require 2 layers of adhesive – the first would be allowed to dry to create a better surface for adhesion, then the second layer applied over the top as per the usual method.

**This product is flammable and classed as DANGEROUS GOODS therefore cannot be sent via Australia Post. The product will be sent via road transport and may incur a Dangerous Goods Shipping surcharge.

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4 Litre • 20 Litre


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