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Manufacturing Products

A good range of saddle-making materials tools and accessories also used in other manufacturing industries.

Belt Blanks

Image of Leather Belt Blanks not available

Speed up your belt-making process with quality leather belt blanks. Complete with pre-punched holes and rounded, dyed edges.


Image of Buckles From Toowoomba Saddlery not available

A complete range of equestrian, pet and saddlery buckles. Stainless steel, Chrome plated, Nickel plated, Solid brass and more.


Image of Chains (lead & Choker) not available

Quality chains for tack and pet equipment.

Collar / Kersey Check

Image of Collar / Kersey Check not available

Quality collar check and kersey check for making saddle cloths and pads.

Dee Rings

Image of Dee Rings not available

A complete range of dee rings. Harness, Saddle, Stainless steel, Solid brass, Nickel plated and more.

Edge Ink / Edge Dye

Image of Edge Ink not available

Quality edging ink in black and brown.


Image of English Girth Elastic not available

Quality English girth and surcingle elastic.

Felt & Foam

Image of Felt & Foam not available

Ideal for the lining and padding of saddles and saddle pads.

Girth Blanks & Points

Image of Girth Blanks And Girth Points not available

Why not make your own girths using our quality girth blanks

Glue & Glue Pot

Image of Contact Adhesive not available

Nordale contact adhesive and glue brushes.

Hook And Loop

Image of Hook And Loop Tape not available

Hook and Loop Tape - also known as touch tape or velcro.


Image of Keepers not available

Metal, PVC, brass and stainless steel strap and belt keepers.

Press Studs

Image of Press Studs not available

Press stud clips

Rein Grips & End Stops

Image of Rubber Rein Grips And End Stops not available

Hard-wearing SL rubber rein grips with high grip texture and matching end stops. Suitable for racing, eventing and sporting.


Image of Rings not available

Metal rings for belts, bridles and other equipment.

Saddle Nails & Tacks

Image of Saddle Nails, Tacks And Tingles not available

Nails, tacks and tingles for saddlery.

Saddle Trees

Image of Saddle Trees not available

Equi-fit Classic saddle trees are close-contact, light-weight composite mesh covered wood trees with a 10 year conditional warranty.


Image of Screws not available

A range of Chicago screws and saddle screws.


Image of Slides not available

A range of harness and rug slides.

Snap Hooks

Image of Snap Hooks not available

A complete range of snap clips and hooks. Stainless steel, Solid brass, Nickel plated, and more...


Image of Squares not available

A range of Halter, Hobble and Belt Squares.

Stirrup Adjuster/blevins

Image of Stirrup Adjusters & Blevins not available

Stainless Steel and Aluminium Stirrup Adjusters and Blevins.

Stirrup Bars

Image of Stirrup Bars not available

Quality polished stainless steel stirrup bars.


Image of Thread not available

Quality Machine and Hand Sewing thread for saddle making, leatherwork and other projects.


Image of Leather Working Tools not available

A range of leather tools and accessories including awl blades and handles, needles, setters and punches.


Image of Webbing not available

A range of natural and synthetic webbing in various sizes for making bridles, animal collars and more.