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Farriers Gear

Quality farriers tools aprons Horseshoes nails and more...

Aprons & Tool Rolls

Image of Farrier's Aprons And Tool Rolls not available

Quality Australian made heavy duty leather farriers' aprons and tool rolls.

Buffers / Clinch Cutters

Image of Buffers / Clinch Cutters  not available

All purpose tool with one end designed for cutting, the other for pritchel.


Image of Clinchers not available

Farrier's Clinchers


Image of Farriers Hammers not available

A range of farrier hammers.

Hoof Care Products

Image of Joseph Lyddy Hoof Care Products not available

Hoof treatments and hoof enamel.

Hoof Knives

Image of Farrier's Hoof Knives not available

A range of farrier's hoof knives from economy to premium quality.

Hoof Pads

Image of Leather  Hoof Pads not available

Leather Hoof Pads

Horse Shoes

Image of Horse Shoes not available

Horse shoes and racing plates in various sizes.


Image of Farriers Hoof & Nail Nippers not available

A range of farriers hoof and nail nippers. Economy to premium quality nippers.


Image of Farrier's Pritchels not available

For opening and resizing nail holes on a horseshoe.

Pullers / Pincers

Image of Farrier's Shoe & Nail Pullers not available

Quality Farrier's shoe pullers and nail pullers.

Rasps & Handles

Image of Farriers Rasps And Handles not available

Farrier's rasps and handles.

Testing Forceps

Image of Farrier Testing Forcepts not available

Quality Tennyson testing forceps.