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Save Time & Money with Our Range of Services

Do you have leather that is too thick or too wide?
Haven’t got the time to cut out patterns with a round knife?
Want a crease that can’t be done by hand?
Or just plain tired of staining everything besides the leather?

Then you need to take advantage of the machinery & Services we have on site.

Hourly rate applies. Refer to price list or contact us for hourly rates. Minimum Charge $17.50 + GST


Press Cutting Service

Press Cutting photo

We can cut leather, rubber, foam, PVC and more to your exact requirements.

Our Sysco 40 Tonne cutting press has a 60" × 24" (152cm × 60cm) cutting area. Every cut is exact, time after time. Try doing that with a round knife!

You can cut or emboss your smaller pieces too!

We have a small 12 tonne Torelli Swing Head cutting press. Cutting area for the Torelli is 14" × 18" (355mm × 457mm). Ideal for cutting smaller pieces, Rug fittings, Spur straps, key rings, tipping and punching straps with our Plasti-guide Knives. These presses can also be used for embossing using small aluminium plates. We can arrange to have these plates made for you or you can supply your own.

Leather Strap Cutting Service

Leather Strap Cutting service photo

Cut strips and straps in no time!

We have a multiple width BUSM strap cutting machine. We can cut leathers such as Chrome, Latigo, Belt Leather, Tooling Leather, Bridle leather and more. (Excluding Old World Russet due to the thickness of this leather) The following widths can be cut: 5⁄8", ¾", 7⁄8", 1", 1¼", 1½" and 1¾". Other widths can be cut on request - tooling and set up fee will apply.

Leather Skiving Service

Leather Skiving service photo

Tired of skiving with dull round knives or skirt shaves?

Our self sharpening USM drum knife skiver will make even the toughest leather cut like butter. With top and bottom feed rollers that will take up to 8mm leather.

Leather Splitting Service

Leather Splitting Service photo

Turn that unusable heavy leather into leather that you can use.

Take advantage of our two 14" Camoga band knife splitting machines that are super accurate and fast.

Leather Creasing Service

Leather Creasing Service photo

Choose from a single crease line, double crease line or imitation stitch line.

We use an electric Randall creasing machine. Will crease from ½" up to 3½" wide and up to 6mm thick.

Cutting & Stamping Dies

We are able to arrange for cutting dies, Plasti-Guide knives and Aluminium stamping plates to be manufactured for you. Contact us for further information.

Aluminium stamping plates

Emboss your name or logo into your leather. Can be custom made to your design.

Plasti-Guide slot knife

Used mainly for pointing and slotting red hide reins

Rug fitting knife with crew punches

This type of knife can be made from (19mm) or (32mm) steel.

Plasti-Guide point and punch knife

Saddle bag lid

This type of knife can be made with or without crew punches from either (19mm) or (25mm) steel.
Can also be made from double edged steel if crew punches are not required